As every T-Shirt is An Original, I have decided to organize them by size.

Here is a batch of Mediums

- Organic bamboo

- Natural, non-toxic water based Inks. 

If you accept "love" as my scientific term for attention and joy . This Charlie Nibbles Collection was made with as much scientifically provable love as is humanly possible. 

The heart and magic of Charlie Nibbles is woven deep into this cloth. If you close your eyes, and rub your heart as if you were a genius in a bottle - you might just feel the best of you come through for a heartbeat. 

This T-shirt requires no particular laundry care, yet it does require a name, and that you treat it like a friend. This Nibbles Cloth is the only one of it's kind, and desperately needs someone like you to adopt and love it for ever more...