Family Tree - Rainforest Relief
Family Tree - Rainforest Relief
Family Tree - Rainforest Relief
Family Tree - Rainforest Relief
Family Tree - Rainforest Relief

Family Tree - Rainforest Relief

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Disclaimer: In order to reduce our footprint, we've chosen a buttery soft up-cycled, 100% ring spun cotton t-shirt from a discontinued collection from Venezuela. Since the downfall of the government, many companies have had to resort to shipping all of their inventory to the US. I have partnered with one of these families to help them rebuild their lives, while using what is already present in abundance. Once we run out of these garments, we will be switching over to organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. Thank you for your support. 

10% of all proceeds will go to:
This T-shirt is the first of a new Collection called "Letters from Atlantis."
The state of our planet stands in direct reflection to the state of our minds.
We humbly seek to represent the Spirit of Atlantis, speaking for all of us in the call for awareness for our planetary health.
To us, the Spirit of Atlantis represents the highest self ever present in all of us.
She is on the rise, and ever attempting to get in touch with you.
Though gentle in her approach, her calls are becoming more and more evident, especially for the younger generations, those living in the affected areas, and those who practice their internal technology through Meditation, Art, Yoga, and/or Plant Medicine.
It's time the rest of us listened to our ancient elders and made this urgency mainstream.
Even if you're of the self-preservatory kind of mind, earth will be fine even if we destroy it. It has been hit by astroids for eons.
It is you and your descendant that won't be.
Via the personification of our oceans, and trees - we seek to create a more identified bond with our planet and it's animate and inanimate manifestations.
We are not separate from nature, and thus the health of our planet IS the health of our species. We have been given a window into the state of our collective minds, and it's not looking so good.
This collection will explore both healthy and unhealthy psychological streams of consciousness, with an emphasis on generating discourse.
The ship we all live in is sinking. This is not a partisan political issue. It is a human issue we can all get behind no matter who you vote for.
Help us support this cause and spread awareness here:
Or donate directly to: